Naturaleza del desierto
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My name is Giancarlo Castañeda, born and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Why us ?

Because Tequila is my passion, it became my work, my life, and my best friend. I´ve been surrounded by this beautiful drink since I was born, and always wanted to make my own.
Now after almost 7 years of study I will be soon a Maestro Tequilero.

If you are looking for a deep understanding of Tequila and Mezcal this experience is for you, my goal is to provide you all the official information in order that you experience and learn the science, the passion, and the art that is behind our national drink in an easy and personalized way.

I´m not just a tour guide with five  years of experience doing tours, I´m a biologist who has been studying tequila for the last seven years and now, making it in a small crafted distillery for the last months.

Naturaleza del desierto

Small Group Tour


  • The itinerary is the following:

  • Breakfast at a small local Mexican restaurant.

  • Photoshoot at the Agave Fields with an explanation of Denomination of Origin, of how the taste of Tequila is affected directly from the fields and the harvesting.

  • A broad explanation of the tequila process in a privately selected family-run distillery, with a professional tasting with pairings and boutique tequila.

  • It is followed by the second distillery explaining the differences between each process and each brand with another tequila tasting.

  • Typical Mexican meal at one of the best restaurants of Tequila Town, with a nice view of the central plaza.

  • We are finishing with a visit to Tequila town attractions and shopping handcrafts.

  • Vegans and Vegetarians welcome.

  • It´s an all INCLUSIVE

  • Anyone can taste big commercial brands, but trust me, this tequila is exceptional.


$119 USD 


Private tour

Experience a VIP Tour

  • Tailored tour. You’ll have the freedom to choose your transportation, restaurants, itinerary, special requirements like weddings, birthdays, wedding proposals, photography, scientific research, cultural experience.

  • Visit the agave fields and two of the best privately owned and local distilleries, each one with an explanation of Tequila processing and full private tasting experience with an expert.


$169 USD



¨Giancarlo is a great tour guide! Unlike other Tequila tours, he brings you to small, bespoke distilleries, and is both passionate and knowledgeable about the process and tasting of tequilas. Also, the tequilas he chooses for tasting are delicious! I never knew tequila could be so varied, smooth, sweet, and straight up delicious for sipping! You won't regret booking this tour - it's well worth the price. Giancarlo will pick you up and drop you off, and takes care of everything including food! Can't recommend this tour enough.¨

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¨Giancarlo went above and beyond to make sure my group and I had a fun, educational, and memorable day in Tequila. You can tell that he has the ability to adapt the vibe of the tour for the group that he’s with. I learned so much about tequila and definitely came out of the experience with a newfound appreciation for it. If you’re hesitating due to the price, know that you’re going to be drinking the best tequila you’ve ever had. As the description says, this isn’t about a party but that’s not to say you’re not going to have an amazing time. Giancarlo has a wealth of knowledge about the biology of the Tequila plant and set the tone right from the start that this was going to be a day of both enjoyment and learning. I cannot recommend this fantastic experience enough. Thank you Giancarlo for the best day of my entire trip to Mexico!

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¨I went to Mexico City and Guadalajara but this tour was my favorite part of the entire trip! Giancarlo's tequila tour is like non-other. This man really knows his stuff - he walks you through the fields, talks about the rich agave history and its influence. He's a super smart tequila lover who you'll come to find out is super passionate about the tequila and process of making it. He really goes above and beyond to show you a great time, always making sure you're fed and ready to go. He took us to this place in downtown Tequila where they make the best Tortas Ahogadas I've eaten in Jalisco, and I've tried A LOT. Anyway, I'm going back very soon and will definitely be paying him a visit. 100% Recommend.¨